Russell Goode, MD

Conveniently located in Mobile, AL to serve both sides of the bay

Dr. Russell Goode

Dr. Russell Goode is the only fellowship trained Orthopaedic Trauma specialist in the Mobile area community hospital systems. He completed his undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of South Alabama as well his medical school and residency training with the University of South Alabama health systems. Upon graduation, he spent a year at the University of Missouri under the training of 8 Orthopaedic Trauma specialists before coming back to the Mobile area.

Dr. Goode is still active with the University serving on the Medical Alumni Association Executive board and overseeing the Frederick N Meyer 5013c nonprofit organization which provides educational support and grants for the USA Orthopaedic residency. He also oversees the only truly comprehensive Orthopaedic osteoporosis clinic run by his wife, Sarah Goode, DNP.

It is his ultimate goal to elevate and standardize the level of care orthopaedic patients receive irregardless of the hospital system to ensure the best possible outcomes for all patients.