Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Serving the Gulf Coast Region with locations in Mobile and Baldwin Counties

Hip replacement is often offered to patients with degenerative conditions of the hip that do not respond to conservative treatment such as low-impact exercise, stretching, NSAIDs, and injections. Patients choose hip replacement to alleviate their pain and loss of function.

A new approach to this common surgical procedure involves a smaller incision, and no cutting of the muscles. Because there is less tissue trauma, recovery is more rapid, and there is less pain immediately after surgery. This procedure takes an hour or less, and is performed with a special table, and instruments. Usually, the patient walks with the therapist the day of surgery and is able to go home the next morning. Some patients may be eligible for same day discharge, or even surgery in an outpatient surgery center. There is much less risk of dislocation, in the early period, compared to older techniques.

Dr. Zarzour replaced my right hip, and I am amazed at how quickly I have recovered. I just finished a 6,000 mile road trip and hiked all over the U.S. thanks to Dr. Z!

Christoper O.

Both of the fellowship trained Total Joint Replacement Surgeons at Gulf Orthopaedics specialize in this technique, and perform anterior total hip surgery on eligible patients. They are the only surgeons providing this procedure in Mobile County. They also perform the older traditional posterior total hip replacement when indicated or preferred by their patients.

If you are experiencing groin pain, limp, and pain with hip rotation, please schedule an appointment for evaluation.

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Your Anterior Total Hip Replacement procedure will be performed at one of Gulf Orthopaedics surgery center locations: Springhill Medical Center, Springhill Outpatient Surgery Center (GCSP), and Mobile Infirmary Hospital.

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