Hip Fractures

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Hip PinningHip fractures are devastating injuries. Historically, 50% of hip fracture patients will lose a level of function, 25% end up in a nursing home and up to 30% of patients pass away within a year. Recognizing these statistics, it is crucial to request an orthopaedic trauma specialist when you or your loved one arrives at the Emergency room.

Hip fracture management has advanced significantly in the past ten years allowing us in some instances to slash the above numbers in half. However, this requires a multimodal team approach involving our ER staff, hospitalists, therapists, nutritionists and osteoporosis specialists.

Our team couples this personalized approach with the expertise of performing over 300 hip fractures per year to ensure the most optimal patient recovery. We make certain that ever patient has the ability to bear full weight on day one to accelerate recovery time without cumbersome braces or splints.

I had a total hip replacement that was performed by dr. Granberry. I had very little pain and I was out of the hospital after one night stay.
I highly recommend Dr. Granberry for any hip or knee issues you may have.

J. Hamilton

A hip fractures is considered a “fragility fracture”, because people with good bone density do not typically break their hip with a fall from standing height. This is where our bone health team comes in. The bone health team offers the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for osteopenia and osteoporosis (weak bones).

Our trauma team provides the most comprehensive post-injury fracture care and prevention program in the area.

Your Hip Fractures procedure will be performed at one of Gulf Orthopaedics surgery center locations: Springhill Medical Center, Springhill Outpatient Surgery Center (GCSP), and Mobile Infirmary Hospital.