Partial Knee Replacement

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While a total knee replacement has an excellent track record of resolving diffuse knee arthritis, there is another option if the pain and arthritis in your knee is localized to one part of your knee.

Some of the benefits of partial knee replacement:

  • Faster recovery.
    We’ve had some patients back to work or on the golf course in 10 days, but most average 3-4 weeks for 80%+ recovery.
  • Shorter surgical time.
    The surgery usually only takes about 40 minutes.
  • Go home the same day as your surgery.
    Many patients are candidates for a partial knee replacement to be done on an outpatient basis. We make sure pain control is handled very effectively with regional nerve blocks and pain medicines.
  • Your knee still feels like your “natural” knee.
    Ask anyone who has had a partial knee on one knee and a total on the other, and they will tell you that both knees feel much better than before surgery, but the partial knee feels more natural.

Gulf Orthopaedics performs over 100 partial knee replacements per year and would be happy to evaluate your knee to see if a partial knee replacement might be the correct procedure for you. 251-435-BONE

I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did to limp into AOC. Dr. Grant Zarzour and his staff go above and beyond in the care of their patients. From his initial assessments to the actual surgery and through all follow ups Dr. Z has been the best professional and warm hearted human being I’v encountered in any profession. His intellect and positivity carries over to his team. It’s been a pleasure Dr. Z. I feel better than I have in 20 years. Thanks for the new knee.

S. Williams

Your Partial Knee Replacement procedure will be performed at one of Gulf Orthopaedics surgery center locations: Springhill Medical Center, Springhill Outpatient Surgery Center (GCSP), and Mobile Infirmary Hospital.

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