Total Knee Replacement

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When knee arthritis and pain has caused you to change the physical activity you are able to perform, it is time to consider conservative treatments that include medicines, physical therapy, weight loss, braces, and several other options. If those measures fail, it may be time for a total knee replacement.

Some of the benefits of total knee replacement:

  • Reliable significant improvement in knee pain.
    Get back to exercising and doing all of the activities you enjoy without your knee arthritis slowing you down.
  • Outpatient surgery options.
    You may be a candidate to leave the hospital the same day as your surgery. Talk with your Gulf Ortho doctor to learn more on how we make sure your pain relief and recovery is completed in order to get back to your bed the first night of surgery.
  • Long lasting relief.
    Knee replacements used to last only 10-15 years, but new technologies and better surgeon technique have now made your total knee replacement likely to last forever!
  • Personalized implants with the newest computer technology.
    We only use the best implants that have been proved to be the best available in the market.

In addition to traditional knee replacement operations, Gulf Orthopaedics is able to provide the VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution at Mobile Infirmary. This technology is designed to help ensure predictable results to improve outcomes, increase mobility and helps patients recover faster.

The VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution works in tandem with the ATTUNE® Knee System, which is an innovative knee implant designed to work more closely with an individual patient’s anatomy. The ATTUNE Knee can help increase stability and reduce pain, providing better range of motion and preventing the unstable feeling some patients experience during everyday activities, such as bending and walking up and down stairs. With these systems together, there is now an option for patients who are seeking the latest technology designed to provide digital precision in knee replacement.

Dr. Lane is very knowledgeable and helpful. He has always taken the utmost care of my athletes, as well as my family. He is great at explaining things in way that is easy to understand.

Cory C.

Your Total Knee Replacement procedure will be performed at one of Gulf Orthopaedics surgery center locations: Springhill Medical Center, Springhill Outpatient Surgery Center (GCSP), and Mobile Infirmary Hospital.

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